Atlantic Ocean Recordings 2019

by Darcy Spidle



The ocean is my favourite sound, for it sings of both our beginning as a species and our end. No music is more powerful.

With that concept in mind, early this year I began a weekly routine of recording waves near my home on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Capturing the true aural quality of the sea is likely an impossible task, and I’m not deluded enough to think that the tracks in this collection are an apt substitute for standing in front of the water with your ears open. Nevertheless, of the hours of waves I’ve recorded so far this year, these are the tracks I keep coming back to.

Beyond a few slight EQ adjustments, I haven’t processed or edited these recordings whatsoever. This is raw ocean filtered through two salt-damaged lavalier microphones.

For maximum psychic effect, play this album as loud as possible.

This collection is free to download, but if you choose to pay, I’ll donate half of your offering to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, a provincial organization that protects coastal wilderness areas in my region. Thanks so much for your support.


released July 17, 2019

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chik white Nova Scotia

Darcy Spidle has long used the moniker chik white for various art projects. His latest efforts centre around the jaw harp, a pancultural, ancient instrument steeped in mystical allure. Inspired by sound poetry, noise, free improvisation, Dada, nature, and the human voice, chik white harp explorations aim to conjure visceral experiences. ... more

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