their faces closed (live)

by chik white

exercise 02:40
razor clown 02:17
golden mind 04:40


Released by Chocolate Monk on February 24, 2018.
Edition of 75 cassettes.

To order a deluxe cassette version, visit -

"Their Faces Closed is a collection of live recordings from my fall 2017 cross-Canada tour. I didn’t sleep well and my thoughts were uneasy for much of the trip, yet the beauty of the country, especially the mountains out West, put me in a reverent and contemplative mood. I had a lot to work through each night on stage. The tracks I chose for this release all felt earnest and whole when they spewed forth—a mix of comedy and confusion for the spectator, no doubt. But know that I tried my best to acknowledge what was flowing through me in each moment. I was attuned to the jaw harps as well.

The sounds at the end are from a cassette of ocean recordings that I had buried in a salt flat for awhile. It’s a bit gnarled. I took this recording of my home with me on tour and used it as part of my set only once—when I reached the Pacific in Victoria, BC. Eventually it’s all washing over.

Thanks to the folks across Canada who indulged me during this time. And thanks to Dylan for giving these weird introspections a home."


released February 24, 2018

performed and recorded by Darcy Spidle
digital version remastered by Kyle McDonald July 7/08


Mike Pursley/Tiny Mix Tapes


all rights reserved



chik white Nova Scotia

Darcy Spidle has long used the moniker chik white for various art projects. His latest efforts centre around the jaw harp, a pancultural, ancient instrument steeped in mystical allure. Inspired by sound poetry, noise, free improvisation, Dada, nature, and the human voice, chik white harp explorations aim to conjure visceral experiences. ... more

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